Vacaville Pest Control and Termite Exterminator

Vacaville is a city located in Sonoma County. Vacaville experiences a typical Mediterranean climate. Vacaville resident endure a high degree of pest pressure due to the hot and dry summers as well as mild, wet and cool winters. Fog is also common in the winter months, giving a moist environment during this time.

Termite Inspection and Termite Control in Vacaville

The rain from the winter months provides enough moisture in the soil to support termites. Termites die from desiccation when there is not enough moisture to keep their bodies hydrated. Moist soil near the side of a house provides a pathway for termites to enter the building. Termites build colonies in structures by eating the inside of wooden beams. Hydrex performs termite inspections in Vacaville in order to locate these hidden colonies. If a termite colony is not treated, it can cause serious structural damage to a home. Hydrex termite control in Vacaville is designed to eliminate current infestations, and provide a barrier to prevent new termites from entering the house.

Bed Bug Inspections and Service in Vacaville CA

The moderate climate of Vacaville makes bed bug infestations a common problem. Bug bugs survive by hiding in dark places during the day, then coming out at night to drink the blood of a host. Hydrex bed bug removal in Vacaville specializes in removing bed bugs and their eggs from your mattress, carpet, dressers, and other furniture. Bed bugs can hide in just about in small crack or crevice. Hydrex routinely trains its bed bug specialists where to look and how to spot the signs of bed bug infestation.

Bee Removal in Vacaville CA

Bee swarming is an increasing problem in the bay area. Bees swarm when the hive is split, and may congregate in the tens of thousands in a new area. The swarm of bees looks for a new place to make a hive. A feral beehive on your property or in your home can cause serious physical damage, and is dangerous for young children and people with bee allergies. Hydrex performs bee removal in Vacaville in order to protect your home and your family.

Vacaville Wildlife Removal

Deer mice commonly invade homes in Vacaville, as well as squirrels, pigeons, bats, and other uninvited animals. Our trained professionals perform wildlife removal all throughout the bay area, including Vacaville.

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