Sonoma Pest Control and Termite Exterminator

Sonoma is a city rich in the history of the conversion of California to the United States. This city enjoys a Mediterranean climate, and is home to Sonoma Creek. Termites are often found in older wooden buildings. A termite colony slowly eats away wooden beams, and can go unnoticed for months. Our termite inspections in Sonoma monitor a building for signs of these pests. Termite infestations can often be hidden in hard to reach places. Our termite control in Sonoma destroys infestations with a combination of bait, spray applications, and fumigation. We also establish termite barriers to prevent future infestations.

Bed bugs are a common site in nearly every city in California.

Our bed bug removal protects residents in Sonoma from these persistent pests. We target the adults, nymphs, and bed bug eggs during our thorough extermination process. Bed bug infestations may be hard to spot initially. This is because bed bugs hide during the day. Call us if you live in Sonoma and suspect you have bed bugs!

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