Sausalito Pest Control and Termite Exterminator

Sausalito is a small city located between the steep wooded hills of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and the shores of Richardson Bay. Sausalito residents enjoy a cool Mediterranean climate with moderate temperatures. We routinely perform termite inspections in Sausalito CA. During a Hydrex termite inspection, our inspectors search for signs of termites in homes and businesses. If a colony is found, our termite control stops the existing infestation.

Wasp and Bee Removal and Wildlife Removal in Sausalito CA

Bee keeping is a popular activity in the bay area. However, feral bees pose a serious health risk. Our bee removal services in Sausalito are carried out in coordination with local bee keepers to remove bee hives from trees and buildings on your property. The proximity of Sausalito to wilderness recreation area exposes residents to invading birds, rodents, raccoons, opossums, and other wildlife. That’s why our professionals are trained in wildlife removal.

Sausalito Bed Bug Services

The rate of new bed bug infestations continues to increase around San Francisco. Bed bugs in Sausalito is no exception! Bed bugs hide in carpet and furniture during the day, and emerge to feed on the blood of their hosts late in the night or early in the morning. Our protocol for bed bug removal in Sausalito is designed to detect signs of infestations and eliminate it completely.

We provide quality pest control in the following areas: