Santa Rosa Pest Control and Termite Exterminator

Santa Rosa is one of the larger cities in the bay area. Santa Rosa is a thriving tourist area due to its surrounding wine and agricultural fields, and its vibrant downtown. The city is bordered on the east by Mount Hood and on the west by hills and farmland. Hydrex performs quality pest control in Santa Rosa and its surrounding communities.

Termite Inspections and Termite Control in Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa building structures are at risk for termite infestation. Our termite inspections in Santa Rosa detect hidden termite colonies. Termites are difficult to find because they live inside hollow wood or in the soil near their food source. Our termite control professionals are trained to locate these hidden colonies and protect your home in Santa Rosa. Our termite services utilize the best methods and equipment to fully rid your home of termites. Contact us quickly if you live in Santa Rosa and you suspect your home has termites.

Bed Bug Inspections and Services in Santa Rosa

Homes in Santa Rosa are susceptible to bed bugs. Bed bugs continue to spread across the United States and can be very difficult to control. Our professionals are trained to locate bed bug infestations and select the proper treatment method for each unique bed bug situation. Bed bug control can include chemicals, heating, and freezing. We specialize in keeping bed bugs out of our customers’ homes in Santa Rosa.

Bee Removal in Santa Rosa

Recurring bee problems are not uncommon in Santa Rosa. Bees become a serious problem when they build a hive inside the walls of your home. Beehives may damage your property and pose a serious threat to your loved ones. We provide bee removal in Santa Rosa that is designed to remove the hive while protecting your home.

Wildlife Service in Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa experiences several wildlife problems throughout the seasons. There are multiple creeks that run through Santa Rosa that support birds and other animals. Santa Rosa also borders Annadel State Park. It is not uncommon for raccoon, opossums, rabbits, fox, skunks, and other animals to enter the city. Wildlife may invade your home, which is why we have trained professionals who perform wildlife removal in Santa Rosa.

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