San Rafael Pest Control and Termite Exterminator

San Rafael has several different microenvironments, including marshlands, estuaries, and forested hills at higher elevation. The Mediterranean climate causes dry summers and cool wet winters, rarely reaching freezing temperatures. A considerable amount of the city is situated along the shoreline of San Rafael Bay. Much of the shoreline has been filled in to accommodate city expansion. The different environments in San Rafael accommodate a diverse amount of species, such as the Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse. This diverse landscape also accommodates a wide variety of pests.

Termite Inspection and Termite Control in San Rafael CA

It is common to experience termites in areas with mild wet winters such as San Rafael. Termite colonies must remain moist in order to prevent desiccation. Desiccation is the process of termites dying due to dehydration. Hydrex performs termite inspections in San Rafael. Regular termite inspections are important, because termite colonies can remain undetected for months. During this time, termites damage the structural integrity of your home, leading to costly repairs. The termite control performed by Hydrex in San Rafael is designed to eliminate current infestations and prevent recurrences.

Bed Bug Service in San Rafael CA

New beg bug infestations continue to be found in cities, including San Rafael. Bed bugs are very difficult to remove on your own. Here at Hydrex we know that the key to bed bug removal is finding and destroying bed bug eggs. Our bed bug removal exterminates all existing bed bugs and their eggs. This prevents a recurring infestation.

Bee Control and Wildlife Removal in San Rafael CA

Beekeeping is popular in the bay area, including San Rafael. Domestic bees aren’t a problem, but a swarm of wild or feral bees can be a safety hazard and cause serious damage to property. If a beehive is found on your property, Hydrex can help! We perform bee removal in San Rafael, designed to completely remove the hive from your property. Hydrex also provides wildlife removal in San Rafael for all manner of animals, including skunks, raccoon, squirrels, and birds.

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