Novato Pest Control and Termite Exterminator

Novato City is located in Marin County. This city is next to San Pablo Bay, as well as Big Rock Ridge. Summers in Novato are dry and warm, while winters are wet and cool. The moist winters and the tree-covered hills surrounding Novato make this area a common place for termites. Don’t be caught by surprise when it comes to termites! Hydrex performs termite inspections in Novato. If a termite infestation is located, we can offer a variety of termite control solutions to residents of Novato City and the surrounding area.

Novato Bed Bug Inspections and Removal

If you live in Novato City and you suspect that you have bed bugs, then get an inspection! Hydrex performs bed bug inspections and removal. We can protect your home and return to you a good night’s rest with our thorough bed bug treatments.

Bee Removal in Novato

Novato City is home to unique bee colonies raised by beekeepers. Bees are a cause of safety hazards and property damage if they invade your home. Hydrex provides bee removal in the event that bees build a colony on your property.

Novato Wildlife Removal

Wildlife removal is a common need in Novato due to the surrounding wooded hills. We remove a variety of animals, including squirrels, mice, skunks, raccoons, and birds.

We provide quality pest control in the following areas: