Napa Pest Control and Termite Exterminator

Napa city is known for its proximity to vineyards, as well as its tourist opportunities. The city is moderate in size, and experiences cool wet winters and warm dry summers. One of the most distinguishing features of Napa is that the Napa River runs through the city. This river is known to flood its banks, and several projects are underway to limit these problems.

Termite Inspections and Termite Control in Napa

We offer termite services in Napa. Termites are extremely destructive pests that eat the wooden structure of buildings. The climate in Napa is very suitable for termites. Termites need moist soil in order to approach homes. Rainfall or the flooding of Napa River could provide termites these moist conditions. Termites can avoid detection for several months. Our termite inspections in Napa determine whether or not you have termites. Upon detection, our termite control is designed to free your home of these destructive pests. If you live in Napa and suspect you have termites, give us a call!

Bed Bug Inspections and Services in Napa

It is very difficult for a homeowner to effectively inspect for, locate and eradicate bed bugs without professional assistance. Bed bugs are difficult to find during the day because they hide in dark, tight cracks and under materials which provide shelter. Napa residents are at risk of bed bug infestations due to the increase in global travel and the increase in bed bug resistance to traditional treatment methods. Our bed bug removal kills all existing bed bugs and their eggs. We make sure that your home is bed bug free!

Napa Bee Removal

Many cities in California, including Napa, experience bee problems. Bees may swarm on your property and construct a new hive. If you live in Napa and have a bee problem, our bee removal services can help you! We focus on complete removal of the hive. Our bee removal professionals follow safe best practices and focus on protecting your property.

Napa Wildlife Removal

Napa is located next to hills and large expanses of agricultural land. Napa residents are constantly at risk of finding uninvited wildlife on their property or in their homes. We provide wildlife removal in Napa for raccoon, skunks, birds, bats, and several other animals.

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