Mill Valley Pest Control and Termite Exterminator

Mill Valley is a beautiful little city built amongst the canyons on the slope of Mount Tamalpais. The neighborhoods are built inside redwood groves, and connected by paths through the woods. This proximity to trees puts Mill Valley residents at risk for termites and other pests such as ants, spiders, beetles, stinging pests and wildlife pests. We perform termite inspections in Mill Valley in order to catch an infestation before it causes more harm. Our termite control eliminates termite infestations in Mill Valley. Wildlife removal can be necessary in Mill Valley because the city is built near a wilderness area. In addition to pest pressures coming from the forest and mountainous terrain, Mill Valley also experiences bed bug problems when residents bring them in. We are equipped to handle any bed bug removal job to keep your family safe. We also offer wasp control and bee removal in Mill Valley in conjunction with local beekeepers.

We provide quality pest control in the following areas: