Fairfield Pest Control and Termite Exterminator

Fairfield is located between San Francisco and Sacramento. Fairfield does not have shoreline on the bay, but does border the Suisan Marsh. This marsh is one of the largest marshes in the western United States. Temperatures in the summer time are in the high 80’s, while winters rarely dip into the 30’s. Fairfield receives a moderate amount of precipitation during the winter months, and is extremely dry in the summer.

Termites in Fairfield

Suisan Marsh is a possible source of termites in Fairfield. Termites require moist surroundings such as those found in marshes. A termite colony can cause damage to buildings for months without being detected. That is why Hydrex performs termite inspections in Fairfield. If you have a termite problem in Fairfield, take advantage of our termite control methods! Our professionals use proven extermination methods that completely destroy the termite colony.

Bed Bugs in Fairfield

Bed bugs can quickly infest your home. A single inseminated female bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs. Bed bugs survive by drinking the blood of its host. Simply killing all visible bed bugs does not stop the infestation. This is because the small bed bug eggs are difficult to locate and destroy. Hydrex performs bed bug removal in Fairfield. Our methods target adult bed bugs and their eggs. Let Hydrex exterminate your bed bugs for good.

Bee Removal in Fairfield CA

Bees become a serious problem when the build their hives on your property, or inside the walls of your home. Bees are a safety hazard for people with allergies, and their honeycombs can cause serious damage to walls and ceilings. Hydrex bee removal for Fairfield is targeted to completely remove the hive. This is the best way to be free of bee problems.

Wildlife Removal in Farifield

Pigeons on your roof, raccoons in the attic, and skunks in the bushes are all examples of wildlife problems in Fairfield. Our Hydrex Pest Control state licensed professionals have experience removing all sorts of animals perform our wildlife removal.

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